Scott didn't pick up a camera until he was 22. He was working at his families Bar in Johnstown Pennsylvania when an elderly man about 85 years old offered him a Canon 35mm camera. From that day on he was sold on photography.

It took him 4 years to finally pursue school at The Art Institute of Pittsburgh in 1996. After two quarters he met an advertising photographer that convinced him to leave school to assist in the real world. Six months later he decided to go back to school at Rochester Institute Of Technology in NY. After two quarters he was faced with a family illness that caused him to leave school again. He spent two more years in Pittsburgh assisting, but still frustrated because he knew there was bigger and better things out there. One day while in a bookstore Scott stumbled upon the photo diary of photographer Sante D'orazio. Scott was compelled by Sante?s work; it had changed his perspective on photography entirely. He had only two options to pursue his dreams, NY, which was too cold, or Los Angeles.

Two days before Christmas 1999 he packed up his car and drove to LA to start the millennium off with a new vision toward his goals. One month upon arrival he ended up working at Smashbox Studios, LA's most exclusive studio catering to the worlds greatest fashion and celebrity photographers.

Everyday he walked through the door he learned something new from every top photographer around the globe. It was not un common to have Annie Leibowitz, Steven Meisel, Michael Thompson, Peter Lindbergh, or even Sante to be working at the studios all at the same time. Scott's four-year education at Smashbox was far better than any education he could have ever received at any college, and he has never regretted leaving school for a second. Scott left Smashbox January 2004 to work as a fashion, celebrity portrait and advertising photographer.

He has shot a number of Hollywood's most famous celebrities. To name a few are Ewan McGreggor, Will Ferrell, Christina Ricci, Kelly Osbourne, and Vincent Gallo.

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